5 Peaks Runners Club

We are a team of sports enthusiasts who are hoping to provide runners with a memorable experience to cherish with each event. We are constantly thinking of new ideas to make sure the runners experience, is a unique one. We want to encourage the public to participate in these events to show running can be fun and rewarding. This year our new addition is the Mala’s Rainbow 5km Run, which is bound to be a blast. A run that will be a fun filled event for individuals and families to enjoy !! With organic and safe rainbow colors showered on our participants at every 1km mark we are sure this event will brighten up your day. We are organizing this run with guidance and inputs from SHHM Satara organizers. The prime object of the events is the promotion and encouragement of running and the education of the public to its benefits. Health is Wealth !!

In furtherance of this objective, the organizers hold races, lectures, fun runs, other educational activities, demonstrations, clinics and social events . We do all such other things which may be conducive to the encouragement of running.

Our main objectives are to engage in community activities to publicize by appropriate means, the benefits of long distance running as a means of physical fitness.

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Dr. Sandeep Kate

Race Director

Dr. Sandeep S. Kate is the Founder of the prestigious PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon. Under his guidance and vision, the SHHM, as it is now lovingly called, has become an admirable example of meticulous organisation & execution by a team of volunteers & families from a local running community.

He has run Marathons all over the country and abroad, including Full Marathons in Greece, Australia & Switzerland. He has completed the Ultimate Human Race “COMRADES ULTRAMARATHON” in South Africa twice (2013 and 2014).

Javed Sunesra

Race Organizer

Javed Sunesra is a passionate athlete and sports enthusiast. He has a back ground in Tennis with over 15 years of competitive training and competition in India and USA.

Bringing his expertise to India, he now organizes all India ranking Junior and Senior Tennis tournaments for over 10 years in Panchgani. His love of sports has motivated him to organize the Ravine Run Mountain marathon, under the careful guidance of experts like Dr Sandeep Kate. His goal is to share his love of sports with others and ensure that every person that participates goes back with a memory that they will cherish forever…

Amin Hajee

Entertainment Director

Amin Hajee has been a part of the Indian Film industry for over 30 years, first as a dancer, then a Model, an Actor, an Assistant Director, a Writer and now as a Director.

He is also a sports enthusiast, running🏃 long distance in school, and has cycled extensively to places like Alibaug and Dahanu from Mumbai. He has also had a keen interest in weight lifting and has used weights to bulk up for various film roles.

Amin now stays fit by running 10k & 21k marathons, and enjoys the meditative quality that running brings to his life.