Team Strawberry Captains !

Kimberly Pereira

  • A Rebook Influence.
  • Won the 2nd Runner’s up at Mrs FABB India.
  • Associated as Event Ambassador & Pacer with various Marathons across India.
  • Currently selected as a finalist at Perfect Mrs India 2018.
  • More than 30 Half Marathon under her belt.

Mufaddal Hararwala

  • Amazing coach – promoting smooth and graceful, strong and injury free running.
  • Through self-empowerment, finished 25+ half-marathons & 3 Full Marathons.
  • Promoting running to share its therapeutic benefits.
  • Known for supporting runners to achieve super timings.

Team Mulberry Captains !

Pooja Verma

  • Top 3 finisher in almost all events
  • Associated as Event Ambassador with various Marathons across the India
  • Ran Mumbai – Pune in 3 days covering 160km’s in November 2017
  • Represented Maharashtra in 38th National Masters Athletics Championships.

Avinash Shinde

  • Experienced runner with 10+ Half marathon finishes and 2 Full marathons.
  • Great Pacer for several marathons and running events
  • Organizing member of Satara Runners Foundation

Competition Details !

Team Strawberry

Team Mulberry

What is the Team Competition?

It is a chance for you to be  part of a community of like minded runners. The runners help the team by finishing with a good timing, the better the timing the more points you earn for your team. The winning team will be entitled to an enticing Mala’s Gift Hamper to carry home and prize money of Rs. 25,000, that will be donated to a local charity.

How do I participate/ get selected ?

Every participant is included in the team competition and will earn points for their team. You will be assigned to one of the two teams by the team captains. When you register you are asked to upload your Personal Best and last Half Marathon Timing certificate. Every two weeks the team captains will review the timing of all the half marathon participants and will bid on you with Ravine Run Rupees (RRR). The team that bids the most on you , will get you to be a part of their team. The RRR will be a part of the team funds and if the team wins, the RRR will be added to the Grand Prize and Donated to the charity. The captains will bid on everyone, ensuring that no matter your best timing you are contributing to your team! We are sure we will raise a great amount for charity and you will have a lot of extra fun during the run in your team!

How do I earn points for my team?

Each person that finishes the race within the following times below, earns points for the team:

1:45 or faster 60 POINTS
1:45:01 to 2:00 50 POINTS
2:00:01 to 2:15 40 POINTS
2:15:01 to 2:30 30 POINTS
2:30:01 to 2:45 20 POINTS
2:45:01 to 3:00 10 POINTS

All points will be added together to see which team wins the competition.
You will also get a special badge with the points you earn for you to keep.


The Team with The Highest Total Score Wins!

Each Member of the Winning Team will get an Attractive Gift Hamper worth Rs. 350/-


  • The Half Marathon flags off at 6.30 am.
  • Cutoff time for Team competition is 10 am.
  • Gifts will not be couriered.
  • You have to collect them in person at the Race venue.