We are very proud to introduce you to our amazing pacer team 2019!

The Ravine Run is joined by 10 experienced pacers who will help you to achieve your best possible time. They will give you motivation during the event and keep you going until the end. Divided over 5 time slots ranging from 2 hours to 3 hours they will guide you on a steady pace. All of these amazing runners have got a huge amount of experience in running through mountains and will help you enjoy the amazing route through the hills of Panchgani!

2:00hrs Pacers

Vivek Bhargava

  • Started Running in Sep 2013.
  • Successfully finished five ultramarathons.
  • Among the top ten who completed the 2017 Pune Ultramarathon – 100 Kms
  • Participated in 15 full marathons and many half marathons.
  • Supporting Team Mulberry in our Team Competition.

Nitin Rana

  • Co-Founder of SportifyEvent (Team Sportify) which is into mentoring runners and organizing events.
  • Successfully paced for the PCHM and PRBM in 2018 and the PMI in 2019.
  • Participated in two 24 hrs relay in 2017 (50k-barefoot) and 2018 (75k).
  • Run the Pune Ultra Marathon 2017 : 75K in 11:40 hrs.
  • His personal best time for 21k is 1hr 30 mins.
  • Supporting Team Strawberry in our Team Competition.

2:15hrs Pacers

Vijay Gaikwad

  • Co-founder Fitnesss first which is trains the athletes and organising events.
  • Official Marathon Coach.
  • Ran 10 km and 21 km 16 times and 20 times respectively.
  • Finished 50 km as the winner and 100km in the 5th position.
  • Participated in four full marathons 4 times.
  • Successfully finished in the Enduro Adventure Race Recorded as the runner up.
  • Supporting Team Mulberry in our Team Competition.

Navanath Dige

  • Extensive experience as pacer with 18 events completed.
  • Founder of the iconic Jawali Jodi Run.
  • Professional runner with 27 half, 3 full and 1 ultra marathon in its track record.
  • In 2017 Tata marathon pacer for 5:15.
  • Supporting Team Strawberry in our Team Competition.

2:30hrs Pacers

Chandan Mateti

  • Started long distance running in 2013.
  • A 58 yrs young Army Veteran.
  • Strongly believes that age is all in the mind.
  • Ran some Ultra-marathons, two back-to-back Comrades 2018-2019.
  • Completed three full marathons, two 25K runs, more than thirty five half marathons.
  • Featured in Sakal with his wife Taru Mateti as “perfect Running Buddies”.
  • Supporting Team Mulberry in our Team Competition.

Taru Mateti

    • Started running in 2013.
    • Ran one 100K, two Comrades, one 12-hour ultra, and three 50K Ultramarathons.
    • Ran 10 full marathons and lost count of half marathons and 10Ks.
    • Only woman runner to have completed Pune Ultramarathon in the 75k/100k/100 mile categories.
    • Completed back-to-back Comrades wirh sub-11 Bronze timing
    • Featured in Women’s Glory Pune Edition as one of 50 women achievers across various domains.
    • V-Awards awardee in sports category
    • Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Badminton, cycling are other interests
    • Supporting Team Strawberry in our Team Competition.

2:45hrs Pacers

Sushil Sharma

  • Started running in 2017.
  • Participated in: Full/ Half Marathons, 25 Km Edurathons ,10 KM, etc.
  • Successfully paced the 21 KM Pinkathon Mumbai Run 2019.
  • Best times for 10 KM, half and full marathon: 58:00 Min, 01:57 hrs and 04: 52hrs.
  • Supporting Team Mulberry in our Team Competition.

Ambika Dhyani

  • Started running in 2017
  • Completed an Ultra run of 50 kms and a high elevation run of 1176 metres at Mt. Abu along with 2 Full Marathons, few Half Marathons and 10km runs.
  • Had podium finish for some of the runs.
  • She strongly believes that one should Persue their Passion, be Positive and Persistent!
  • Supporting Team Strawberry in our Team Competition.

3:00hrs Pacers

Madhuri Shivade

  • Successfully completed the Ravine Run´s in 2018.
  • Experienced runner with more than 20 half marathons & 1 full marathon completed.
  • Supporting Team Mulberry in our Team Competition.

Bhavika Mutha

  • Expert pacer with more than 14 events completed in Roha, Satara, Panchgani, Solapur, Sangli, Lonavala and Pune.
  • Outstanding podium runner at the 35k night challenge Roha Marathon.
  • Recently ran the Tata Mumbai full marathon in 2019.
  • Always up for a challenge and new experiences.
  • Supporting Team Strawberry in our Team Competition.